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Unleash Your Shop Floor’s Potential: How to Attract, Retain & Empower a Top Workforce

A 5-Step Plan for Overcoming the Manufacturing Talent Shortage


When It Comes to Hiring, Manufacturers Face Serious Challenges

You’re all too familiar with the acute talent shortage in our industry. But do you know what’s compounding the problem?

  • Manufacturing talent often chooses to stay off the hiring grid. Many skilled professionals  aren’t even on LinkedIn! They don’t want recruiters hounding them at work.
  • Poorly-written resumes may prevent you from identifying prime candidates. Workers may not label their skills the way you do, so they fall through generic applicant screening programs. 
  • 95% of people who do apply to manufacturing jobs are not a good fit. 

So, how do you hire true talent, develop and keep it—while actually reducing your time and cost investment? What our on-demand webinar and find out!

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Learn Our Five-step Plan for Hiring More Effectively & Retaining Talent

Amper has teamed up with FactoryFix, the leading job site and applicant tracking tool specifically designed for manufacturers, to show you how to:

  1. Target Your Job Descriptions - to attract skilled candidates. We’ll even give you a template to work from.

  2. Optimize Your Application Process - using tools like pointed skills surveys that reveal if candidates have the knowledge you need.

  3. Set Competitive Salaries – learn how to set attractive salary ranges.

  4. Showcase Your Brand – find out how to become an employer of choice, by finetuning your public image and updating your website’s Career page.

  5. Offer a Path of Continuous Growth – discover how to develop and retain your workforce using proven tools and techniques. 



Your Hosts:


Mike Schaefer

Mike Schaefer is VP of Sales at FactoryFix and oversees FactoryFix's business development and customer success teams. Prior to joining FactoryFix in 2018, he spent 12+ years leading sales teams at CareerBuilder and Shiftgig. Mike led CareerBuilder's manufacturing sales vertical from 2009 through 2015.

Akshat - Factory Fix Webinar

Akshat Thirani

Akshat Thirani, Amper CEO and Co-founder, grew up around manufacturing with his dad running an automotive manufacturing company. This industry exposure from a young age, helped shape his vision for Amper. Akshat founded Amper, the industry's simplest machine monitoring & OEE analytics platform, with the mission to help manufacturers run lean, maximize productivity and make factories more profitable.