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At Amper, we understand that our customers are facing unprecedented uncertainty surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic, and its short-term and long-term effects on the manufacturing industry. With some factories temporarily shutting down, cutting production, or asking their employees to stay home, it’s impossible to predict what the next 6 months will look like, let alone the next three. 

That’s why Amper is introducing a 90-day risk free trial to all new customers*. We truly believe that our real-time OEE and machine monitoring system can help your business successfully navigate this crisis and come out on top, but also understand that budgets have been put on hold. We want to give our customers a chance to see what Amper can do for their business and experience the impact that Amper delivers firsthand before making any long term commitments.

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*Offer only valid through June 2020.

  • Identify cost reduction areas using downtime and quality data

  • Increase the productivity of your employees using our people analytics

  • Focus on training and skill development using Amper’s training modules

  • Use this slow-down to transition from pen-and-paper to real-time digital data
  • Easy instructions on how to self-install⁠—no need to involve IT 

  • A foundational baseline on 10 machines

  • Lean manufacturing training with a structured program for cutting waste
  • OEE reporting

  • Real-time machine monitoring 

  • Shop floor visual management

  • Utilization reports

  • Downtime root cause analysis 

  • Automated downtime alerts

  • Andon calls

  • Setup tracking and SOPs

  • Maintenance tracking

  • Virtual onboarding

  • Job costing

  • Ongoing Support

OEE reporting


  • 2 or 3 new projects from downtime codes

  • Accurate utilization numbers to help make CAPEX and staffing decisions

  • 3 or more hours per week saved in downtime response times

  • 2 or more hours per week saved in support response times

  • 5% energy-use reduction due to energy audit

  • Reduced setup/changeover times by 10% 

  1. Introduction Call: Request access and set up an introductory call with an Amper consultant to discuss your operational goals like cost reduction and lean manufacturing. 

  2. Pay Deposit: Pay a $2,250 deposit for a 10-machine starter kit. This will cover the cost of hardware for 10 machines, OEE and machine monitoring software and support during your 3 month trial. If you follow the steps of our program, and aren't completely satisfied, this deposit is completely refundable*. 

  3. Hardware Deployment: Once the deposit is paid, you will be sent the self-install Amper hardware kit. Set up takes about 10 minutes per machine and requires no IT integration.

  4. Analytics & Training: Receive access to your real-time analytics dashboard and attend a training session on how to leverage your operational data to drive cost reduction and improve OEE.

  5. ROI & Insights:  Work with an Amper Customer Success Manager, who will provide insights on your data, demonstrate the ROI and payback, as well as help you structure your lean manufacturing initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the 90-day risk free trial cost?

  • Amper’s 90 Day Risk-Free Trial has easy, all-inclusive pricing. Simply pay a deposit, and if after following our program, you aren’t completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back, guaranteed.*  Get 3 months of Amper software and hardware on ten machines for $2,250. That’s it! No implementation fees. No machine or IT upgrades. No shipping costs. Just one, easy price! 

How do I qualify for the risk free trial?

  • Any customer interested in the 90-day risk free trial must have a discovery call with an Amper consultant. In order to qualify for the trial, you must pay the $2,250 deposit and be willing to implement Amper hardware on a minimum of 10 machines.

I have limited resources. How can I get this up and running?

  • Amper is the simplest OEE and machine monitoring system on the market. You only need maintenance support to install our non-invasive sensors. Clients typically complete deployment on 10 machines in two hours or less. You don't need a large team to implement Amper. You will, however, need a team that is motivated to use this data. During your trial, the Amper team will support and train you on how to get the most out of your data.

What happens after the 90-day risk free trial?

  • If you followed the steps of the program, and aren't completely satisfied with your results, simply let us know and ship your hardware back within 10 days of your contract end date. Once we receive the hardware, we will refund you the full $2,250 deposit*.

Can I skip the risk-free trial and buy Amper?

  • Yes! If you are interested in implementing Amper more long term, we are providing flexible billing options given the current economic uncertainty. We are happy to work with you on a deployment schedule and payment terms that work best for you. 


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