Recorded Webinar

Best Practices for Implementing Machine Monitoring

Presenter - Akshat Thirani, Amper Co-Founder & CEO


Don't let your machine monitoring implementation fail!

As demand for manufacturing capacity increases, more and more precision manufacturers are exploring what machine monitoring systems have to offer. However, there are many mistakes factories make while implementing machine monitoring that prevents them from ever getting off the ground or reaching their full productivity potential.

  • Limited IT resources...
  • Employee pushback...
  • Outrageous consultation fees....

Sound familiar? In this recorded webinar, Amper CEO, Akshat Thirani, walks you through some key takeaways the Amper team has learned from conducting dozens of machine monitoring implementations. He reveals why common implementations fail & provide best practices to ensure you have a successful machine monitoring implementation.

Who should watch?

If your factory is currently implementing a machine monitoring solution, has tried or failed with a solution in the past, or will likely implement a solution in the next few years, this webinar is for you!

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Meet Your Host: Akshat Thirani

Akshat Thirani is CEO and Co-founder of Amper. He has grown up connected to the factory floor as a 4th generation manufacturer. He founded Amper with the mission to help manufacturers track and improve their operations. He is a Northwestern University graduate and has been featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2019.