How to Reduce Setup & Changeover Times through a SMED Event

Presenter - Allison Heil, Amper CSM & Six Sigma Blackbelt

_SMED Event Masterclass

Learn how to reduce changeover times by 50%

To remain successful in today’s economy, a growing number of manufacturers are employing elements of lean manufacturing, and one of the most powerful lean manufacturing tools available is the SMED event.

What is SMED?

SMED stands for Single Minute Exchange of Die. However, Single Minute really refers to “single digit minutes”—or taking less than 10 minutes. The literal idea was to change out a part in under 10 minutes. Today, it means stripping that “exchange”—i.e., changeover time—to the bare minimum.

What you'll learn

In this recorded webinar, Amper’s very own Six Sigma Blackbelt, Allison Heil, as she walks you through:

  1. The core principles of a SMED event
  2. How to run one at your factory to reduce changeover times by up to 50%
  3. Ways to use a tool like Amper to streamline the process

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Meet Your Host: Allison Heil 

Allison is a Six Sigma Blackbelt with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University. Before joining Amper, she worked as a Manufacturing Engineer at MacLean-Fogg, Hydac and Medline. She now helps lead the Customer Success program at Amper and works directly with manufacturers to better use data and identify continuous improvement projects.