A Candid Conversation: GPP Plant Manager Shares Experiences Using Shop Floor Data to Maximize Productivity



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If you're using shop floor data like OEE or downtime to improve your operations—or even thinking about it—you won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar, highlighting one leading factory’s journey.

In this recording, Michael Abbott—Plant Manager of Global Precision Parts (GPP), an international leader in precision machined parts—shares his company’s experience installing and using Amper’s OEE tracking system, from hard-earned lessons to ah-ha moments. 

Watch now!

Watch now!


About GPP

Global Precision Parts (GPP) is an international market leader in precision machined parts. GPP has three manufacturing facilities—two in Ohio, one in Indiana—totaling more than 155,000 square feet of space. GPP has 161 employees and operates more than 200 machines.

GPP offers multiple capabilities, including multi-spindle, CNC and hydromat solutions. It serves a range of industries, including automotive, fluid power, HVAC, industrial equipment, plumbing, electrical, construction and more. GPP prides itself on exceeding expectations—which is why management implemented Amper’s machine monitoring system in the first place.